Retül Fit - $300

A truly customized and personalized fit experience

The Process

  • Rider interview discussing goals and riding style
  • Off-bike anatomical and flexibility assessments
  • Rider-bike contact point placement (i.e. saddle, cleats, handlebars, shift/brake levers)
  • Dynamic hip, knee, and foot pedal stroke analysis and alignment

Retül technology gives our fitters more precision, accuracy, and efficiency to find your perfect position on the bike.

  • Vantage 3D Motion Capture
  • Muv Adjustable Fit Bike


  • One bike adjusted to the final fit measurements
  • Fit report document including the physical assessment, original and final fit measurements, and what to expect
  • Follow up regarding questions or concerns related to the fit within 6 months

Is a Retül Fit right for you? We believe that every rider that dedicates time and energy towards a cycling goal deserves the most comfortable, efficient, and powerful position possible.

Bike Sizing - $100

The bike-rider contact points are adjusted to industry accepted normative ranges, providing a platform to begin your cycling journey.

  • Interview
  • Dynamic cleat placement fore/aft
  • Dynamic saddle height
  • Dynamic saddle fore/aft
  • Stem length/rise suggestion
  • Handlebar position
  • Brake and shift lever positioning

Receive a $100 credit towards a custom bike fit with any bike purchase.

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